Step 1: Get A Website

Step 2: Get Web Wonks To Make It Work!

Easy huh . . . 

Ask yourself, do you expect your website to make you money? 

In 2014 Adobe released a report that showed the top 10% of websites, accounted for 90% of all the revenue generated. The report worked with over 4000 companies across the Asia Pacific region and discovered an alarming lack of focus on achieving key business aims.

The fact is, you need to track your website activity, but crucially, you need to make changes based on what you see. If the data is wrong, and you spend money unwisely, you will lose money. Full Stop.  

If you do expect your website to make direct revenue or leads Let Your Data Do The Talking and get in touch with us today 0800 239 673.


Choose A Google Data Compliance Package?

Maximise Brand Exposure

You want your brand everywhere - well everywhere your type of consumers eyes are. The single best aspect of online advertising is your ability to target the right people, which allows you to keep marketing costs down.

By running a remarketing campaign through Google AdWords, you can target all the people who have visited your website with your brand for weeks after they visited your site.

In some cases it can actually be free for 1000’s of people to see your ad - though even when you pay for a click it is generally as low as 50c (Search Ads typically cost $4.00+ per click).

It's hard to beat that price for that kind of brand exposure.

Understand Your Website Data

It’s likely you’ve spent good money on building your website, but you don’t know how to measure the return on this considerable investment. Perhaps you know how many visitors you get, but it’s unclear whether those visitor numbers convert into real sales. If you’re using Google Analytics, you can learn a lot about your visitors’ behaviour - how people find your site, how long they browse, and whether they make contact.

Web Wonks will set up the tools to collate Google Analytics data for you, then analyse and report it to give you a clearer picture of your visitors, and ultimately the effectiveness of your site.  Armed with that information, you can make more informed decisions about where best to direct ongoing investment into your digital presence.

Lift Revenue

While not all our clients are revenue focused, most are. The simple fact is, if you have spent money building a website, you want to make sure it is actually contributing to your sales pipeline. 

The GDC is designed to make use of your Google Data, so you can start placing a dollar return against your website's success. By establishing website events and goals, the GDC will clearly show you what traffic delivers the highest return on investment. 

Once you establish a conversion rate, you can very easily track results, across a range of marketing channels (Facebook / Google / 3rd Party Digital). This makes allocating your media spend much more effective.

We Make Analytics Simple

Analytics is an amazing tool, but it is very complex! We have configured 100’s of Google Analytics accounts, from 1 page websites, to multi domain ecommerce platforms. 

The one common denominator is they had ‘dirty data’ - dirty data is unconfigured, un-usable data. It can be in the form of spam adding 15% more users than you actually get - making all of the metrics out by 15%.

It can mean not knowing what the gender, or age breakdown of users to your site is. In fact it can mean dozens and dozens of things. 

When we complete a Google Data Compliance Package for your company website, we clean up your analytics and we make it simple to read. 

We create easy to follow dashboards with conversion data, traffic source data, location data, and page view metrics.  

E-Commerce And Offline Retail Businesses

We estimate that 60% of websites we work with are either selling products on their website, or intend to sell products to their visitors at some point. The GDC package has helped many companies uncover how they can increase sales and where opportunities for growth can come from.

We get a kick out of seeing you transact more through your website!

Professional Services

Professional service focused websites typically serve two functions, lead generation and professionalism. Most companies in this space are looking to grow knowledge around Google products, especially Google AdWords. The GDC Package is a great place to start your learnings from - we do all the setup and report back on what works and you take all the value.

Simple, painless, trustworthy.

Corporates And Government

It doesn't matter if you are a large corporate, or a government department, the foundations of the GDC Package are proven for websites of all sizes and complexities. We have experience in delivering end to end solutions for internal projects, with clear milestone adherence, and strict documentation standards.

Make sure you are keeping your developers accountable and your stakeholders happy!

Manufacturing And Export Businesses

Manufacturing and Export businesses have to do more than compete both globally and locally, they need to be smarter and faster than the competition too. By understanding what users are doing on your website, what FAQ's they engage most with, or even simply what countries you get traffic from, you will become faster and smarter.

Lead the way and get a better handle on what your website is doing for your company!

Trade Services

Want the phone to ring? We can make that happen! Most trade based companies want to cut the crap and get on with business. Often the focus for trade clients is less about the data and more about the talking! We have great investment returns for Google AdWords spend and know how to get you more leads!

Call our team today, so you can start getting leads tomorrow!


Does The Google Data Compliance Package Help Your Business?

Bring Your Website Up To Google Best Practices

There are so many differing opinions / ideas about what the best methods for online marketing and website success are. People disagree on almost everything, often it's because they are trying to sell you why their service is better than someone else's.

We believe that the best method for success, is measuring your self. This is where all other ‘online marketing’ companies tend to fail - they want to focus on selling their service to you, not understanding your service and how to sell that. 

If you track how Google ranks your own website using Google Search Console (linked with Google Analytics and Google AdWords), you can see what search queries they searched on, how many clicks you received and what keywords Google associates with your website content.

This means you get transparent, REAL, results - it's your data that we have correctly configured, easily displayed to you. 

We can't count the number of times a client has seen their data and gone ‘wow’ - we call these light bulb moments and they generally help a great deal. 

The Google Data Compliance (GDC) package establishes globally recognised standards of Google Analytics account configuration - we should know, we have been a Google Partner for six years. 

Attract The Most Profitable Consumers To Your Site

Most companies have come to expect Google to deliver search traffic to their website and in most cases it does - typically 40-60% of your website traffic will be from Google Search. 

However, if you are going to pay someone to improve your search ranking, or setup your paid Google AdWords account to generate traffic, you want to ensure it's the kind of traffic you want.

Don't pay for clicks - pay for leads. You are better off targeting your specific consumer demographic, than having a scattergun approach. 

The GDC mines a whole range of audience metrics for your business to learn from. This in turn lets you make better informed decisions about attracting the most profitable people to your website. 

Get Value For Money Out Of Google AdWords

Google AdWords can be your best friend, or a money hungry pit. It is a very complex system to use and can easily suck up a month's worth of budget in a matter of days if not carefully setup. 

As Google Partners, we have access to a network of Googlers across the world. We have regular catch ups with our partner team in Sydney and have access to pages and pages of training and technical knowledge. 

We have served over 1.7 Million clicks and have shown 318 Million ads since April 2011. Having worked on 1000’s of campaigns we know how to make Google AdWords deliver for your business.

We also know that Google Remarketing Campaigns are the best first campaign for your business to create. 

With the GDC Package we will setup (or migrate) a Google AdWords account - connect it to several other Google products, create animated display ads to be shown on the Google Display Network, and add $100AUD of free credit* to get your ads seen by the right people. 

Extract Valuable Insights From Your Google Products

No one Google product should not be used in isolation. Each of the products we use use during the implementation of the GDC Package (Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google AdWords, Google Tag Manager) all interconnect in some way. 

They each have their own purpose: Analytics for website behaviour, Search Console for search ranking, AdWords for paid ads, and Tag Manager for events and advanced tracking. 

By mining the data that these products produce and mapping out a complete picture of your online behaviour, you will make better informed choices.

Ultimately it will give rise to a better performing website. One that grows with your business sustainably. 


Does The Google Data Compliance Package Include?

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a fantastic source of data on website traffic and website visitors' behaviours. For example, it can help you identify which other sites have referred traffic through to your site and which of your social media channels are bringing visitors directly to your website. It can also provide you with insight into the typical user's journey or how much visitors engaged with your site and so on.
Web Wonks uses Google Analytics to help your company understand your customers, and get all the statistics you need to drive / optimise your marketing efforts.

You will own this analytics account and the updated features we configure on your behalf. The GDC is a one off job, but the value from the data will stay for years. 

Google AdWords

Web Wonks use Google Adwords to bring targeted traffic to your website by creating ads and choosing keywords related to your business. In order to reduce waste on your investment of marketing campaigns, we will use Google Adwords to provide you a valuable contribution to your marketing strategy.
During the GDC we use remarketing campaigns to show ads to those visitors who have previously visited your website, which ensures your campaign is reaching your target audience.

The AdWords account and Remarketing campaign we create for you can run for years without change. The GDC process includes the creation of all the animated graphics and the once the job is done, you will pay Google directly for your ad spend. 

Google Search Console

Google Search Console gives you information about when and where your website appears in Google search results. Every time a page on your website appears in Google search results, information is stored about what keywords the searcher typed in, which page(s) appeared in the results and at what position, and whether the user clicked through to visit.

Google Search Console is a power tool that every company needs to use! Measuring your website health, means you can keep a healthy stream of leads coming though. 

Search Engine practices can bring a great deal of value to your company, but they can also be a big waste of time and money. The GDC gives you independant data about how well you rank on Google. 


MyDataRank (MDR) has been designed to simplify the analysis of online data. The online industry changes faster than any one person can keep track of. To help focus you on what to work on for your website, the MDR platform tells you what top 5 issues you should be working on. 

It also pulls a range of data from Google Analytics and Google Search Console and displays key information to you about your website performance.

The single best way of developing your online presence is through education. The more you know, the better informed your decisions will be. MDR is designed to expose you to the basic metrics needed to understand how well your website is doing. Its a great training tool!